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Easy online attendance tracking for organizations.

Manage event schedules, membership rosters, attendance and more online.

Take Attendance

Best Attendance provides four ways of taking attendance at a meeting:

  1. Scan barcodes from membership cards directly into the computer.
  2. Print sign-in forms for your meetings and enter the attendance later.
  3. Set up a computer at your meeting location and let members sign themselves in.
  4. Allow adult group leaders to sign in and take attendance online.

Customize Attendance Reports

Best Attendance provides you with five views of your attendance data:

  • The Members List report provides a summary of each member in your organization.
  • The Events List report lets you see trends in your attendance.
  • The Last Seen report tells you the last date that all of your members have attended an event.
  • The Member Attendance Report provides a detailed attendance report for a particular member.
  • The Dashboard shows you at a glance how many people have attended your events this month and this year.

Share Event Calendars

View and schedule events.

It takes about two seconds to schedule an event for your organization. Event schedules can be viewed as a list or on a calendar. If you’d like, you can make the calendar public so that anyone online can see it.

You can view a calendar for a particular group (for example, 7th grade) or for your entire organization.




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