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About Us

Why Qpon Monkey?

Qpon Monkey was created to provide the very best deals for those individuals involved in ministry.  Yes, it’s a coupon site designed specifically to help stretch your ministry budget. At the same time we hope to give you honest straight forward reviews of products written by ministers serving in the local church.

One of the best ways to save money on purchases that you make is to use coupons. Coupons are those handy little documents that are used to get a discount off of the regular price of an item. Using coupons could save you thousands of dollars, which could then help to  increase your impact for the Kingdom.

Why Use Qpon Monkey for your business?

Today everyone has heard of coupons and in these budget conscious times we are all looking for a deal, a break, and a cost effective way to promote our business. Coupons are great marketing tools. They can offer you several results:

1.    Establish customer loyalty and remind them you care about their continued support.

2.    Invite a consumer to purchase with a timely discount.

3.    Attract a completely new customer who wasn’t even aware your business existed.

By participating with Qpon Monkey with online coupons you will be able to:

1.    Track your return on investment(ROI)

2.    Connect your coupon to your social media accounts

3.    Create a unique branding opportunity

As a company you want to grow your business and keep your existing customers happy. Participating with Qpon Monkey can enhance your customer loyalty, provide unique marketing opportunities and attract new customers.

You can promote your business using the power of the web, social media, and mobile media by incorporating online coupons with Qpon Monkey.